About Us

California Union-Made Patterns is a 1,600 sq. foot made-to-order workroom in North Hollywood. Our fully-equipped I.A.T.S.E. Union Shop is focused on technology, embracing digital pattern-making and web applications to find new streamlined solutions to old problems.

We produce walkabouts, complex builds, tailoring, and alterations in an efficient way that anticipates today's production needs and timetables. With our ability to check patterns with 3D models and import actor measurements, computer-generated samples are lightning-fast and showcase how varied materials and trims can drape and how chosen fabric colors and patterns will look in diverse lighting.

Always future-focused, we offer flexible appointment-only hours that can include nights and weekends and a convenient web-based platform to track your pieces' progress and instantly communicate with our always friendly in-house producer. Easily check our availability, set up pick-ups and drop-offs, or book a delivery.

We respect, value, foster, and promote diversity and inclusion. We are California Union-Made Patterns!